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Common modern office furniture in the market generally comes in 5 colors: black, gray, brown, dark red and light wood. Usually when we match colors, we first consider our own usage scenarios. Generally in relatively dense office buildings with narrow spaces, YOURWORK designer generally recommends choosing light and gray color’s office furniture, because this will not be too visually bloated and make people feel depressed. Let me introduce to you the most popular among girls, the white color series office furniture!

Each series of products of YOURWORK inherits the elegant and fashionable atmosphere and has the characteristics of strong environmental adaptability. This is a relatively representative modern office and furniture series. The entire design concept is based on in-depth research on the living and office environment of contemporary people, putting people first and abandoning redundant forms. Respecting modern art aesthetics, using ecological materials close to natural textures combined with metal, fully exploring material characteristics, emphasizing functionality, and providing the best needs of the human body. The simple structure, balanced and coordinated colors, and changeable modeling combinations make the space natural and harmonious, allowing the public to enjoy beautiful and useful things.

But in factory-type office spaces, black and brown modern office furniture will be more popular. Because the factory needs to give people a calm and heavy feeling, using dark colors makes it look more advanced and stable. Of course, there are also some companies that choose colorful modern office furniture . In fact, in terms of color matching, as long as it does not conflict with the space decoration, you could choose based on personal preference.

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