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Under the trend of increasingly strong needs for personalization, customized office furniture can meet the needs of people in different scenarios and industries, and has become more and more popular. However, many consumers are confused by the customization time. So how long is the reasonable delivery time? The editor of YOURWORK Furniture will give you a detailed explanation.


First of all, since the usage characteristics and usage habits of different sub-industries are very different, we must first consider the characteristics of our own industry. Take the finance room as an example. Finance staffs need to customize office furniture with more privacy and larger storage space. Therefore, when YOURWORK Furniture develops financial desks, special attention will be paid to designing more drawers, and the height of the baffles will be slightly increased to ensure that the operations of financial personnel will not be easily seen by others. These details will greatly improve employees' work efficiency and make the office experience more convenient and comfortable. So we need to first clarify what our customized office furniture needs are. Should it be more concealed or more open? Should it be easy to disassemble and assemble or should it be stable and heavy?


Second, for personalized office furniture, in the preliminary demand survey, in addition to door-to-door measurements, you also need to confirm design drawings, make indoor matching renderings, and confirm the production process drawings of customized products. Every link is indispensable. With sufficient demand research, YOURWORK Furniture 's designers and R&D team can make a solution that better meets user needs. Therefore, in order to get better use results, you must set aside sufficient time to do the preliminary demand matching.


Third, Customized office furniture generally has special requirements for size, color, and accessory selection, so it is not available in stock. In the domestic furniture market, the production cycle of standardized furniture is about 15 days, while the production cycle of customized furniture takes about 25-30 days. At YOURWORK Furniture , the customized production cycle for our panel products is 12 days, 35% ahead of our peers. Therefore, the editor suggests that when preparing for interior decoration, you could consider the purchase of office furniture already. Because in the early stage, you need to set aside about 5 days for measuring, viewing samples in the showroom, and designing drawings ; you also need to set aside a lot of time to select furniture in the early stage. The whole process takes 3 days to select, 5 days to communicate customization requirements , and 12 days to produce. Customizing office furniture for a project requires at least 20 days in advance.

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